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Are you ready for the kickstart of your digital marketing career?
And do you have the ambition to make an impact as a digital marketing specialist?

Sign up for the Digiship traineeship and become a high skilled Digital Marketing Specialist!



The new generation of digital marketing specialists is ready for take-off!

Trained by the best digital marketing experts, these young professionals immediately provide a valuable addition to your marketing operation.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing working areas. The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and partly due to the corona crisis, there has been a major shift towards more online purchasing behaviour. This creates an increasing demand in the market for people with specific marketing competencies and digital skills.

At university or college the theoretical side of (digital) marketing is taught, but unfortunately not the practical side. How do you set up an Adwords campaign? How do you increase the position of your website in the search engines through SEO or how do you create a striking social media campaign? This is exactly what Digiship provides: practice-oriented training, so you can hit the ground running!

The new generation of
digital marketing specialists

The new generation of digital marketing specialists is ready to take off! Trained by the best digital marketing experts, these young professionals are an immediate asset to your marketing operation.

All traineeships start with a short intensive training period of approximately one month. The traineeship is a unique program with accelerated development through blended learning. The program consists of lectures, e-learning, and personal development during the soft skills lectures, coaching & practical sessions. The talents start with a pressure cooker (8 days of training) and successive have one day of lectures every other week. As a result, the talent remains a full part of your team throughout the entire traineeship.

Digiship helps your organization move forward by adding digital marketing talent to your operation. We recruit marketing talent, train them in a short time to a high level of digital marketing and place these talents within your organization. Directly under contract or on a temporary basis.

Digiship also offers multiple training programs for medior and senior digital marketing talent with as a result an increase in knowledge and retention.

The Digiship traineeship trains high potentials within 6 to 9 months to become the new generation of digital marketers for your organization.

  •  Unique training program from trainee to specialist (6 months)

  • Accelerated trainee development through blended learning

  • Trainingprogram provided by Beeckestijn Business School Link

  • Thorough screening of high potential candidates

  • High potential candidates are immediately available for your organization

  • Attractive rates

  • Directly under contract or secondment

High potentials

Broadening and deepening knowledge within your organization and team.

Lectures, e-learning, practical sessions, clinics, and events.

Hands-on training to get trainees started right away.

Immediately deployable talent for a reasonable investment.

Accelerated development through a blended learning program.

Guidance by Beeckestijn's tutor network.

Immediate deployment

Looking for a digital marketing talent? Digiship has continuous candidates available, who are eager to get started!

Our candidates start working for our clients and at the same time follow the training program. The traineeship is a unique program with accelerated development through blended learning. The program consists of: classroom lectures, e-learning and personal development during the soft skills lectures, coaching & practical sessions.
The trainees have on average one day of lectures every other week. The talent therefore remains fully part of your team throughout the traineeship.

Digiship talents can be placed directly under contract with the client/employer. We also offer a secondment option.

Directly under contract

Digiship talents can be directly contracted by the client. Digiship takes care of the entire recruitment and selection process and ensures that you find the right candidate for your team. After acceptance of the employment contract, the candidate will enroll in the traineeship.


The Digiship talents are also available on a temporary basis with a minimum period of 6 months. Digiship takes care of all financial matters, so you don't have to worry about wages, pension, vacation days, illness or employer's costs. A clear monthly invoice without additional costs. 

Selection of trainees

Digiship has a unique and advanced assessment platform, called Sqillzer. We utilize this platform for mapping digital knowledge and skills amongst young professionals. Sqillzer works together with leading digital parties and various universities of applied sciences.
High potentials are also tested on numerical, abstract, and verbal skills and receive several extensive intake interviews.

In this way, we guarantee that our trainees have the right level to grow into Digital Marketing specialists/experts within your organization.


Digiship offers post-bachelor traineeships with practical training. Both hard skills and soft skills are highlighted. In addition to classroom lectures, candidates must obtain certificates via e-learning for, for example, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Meta Blueprint.

Within the market, we see a great demand for generalists, today's digital marketers. Responsible for all online marketing activities linked to the site and campaigns.

Additionally, we see the emergence of specialties such as campaign management (SEO, social, programmatic) as well as CRM/Marketing Automation and Marketplaces.
Digiship, therefore, offers 4 different traineeships:

Ben jij klaar om je carrière naar nieuwe hoogten te tillen en de toekomst van het bedrijfsleven te vormen? Wij bieden een unieke kans om deel te nemen aan ons intensieve Data & Analytics traineeship. Dit programma is speciaal ontworpen voor ambitieuze professionals zoals jij, die gefascineerd zijn door de kracht van gegevens en de impact ervan op moderne organisaties. Daarbij speelt ook dat veel organisaties aan de vooravond of midden in een digitale transformatie zitten, waarbij data een beslissende rol speelt in de succes van de organisatie.
Het Digitale Transformatie traineeship is een samenwerking tussen Zeeman en Digiship en bestaat uit een werk-/leertraject van twee jaar. In deze twee jaar ga jij aan de slag in verschillende rollen binnen het IT/Data team om erachter te komen welke functie het beste bij jou past. Gekoppeld aan deze rollen zijn diverse taken en verantwoordelijkheden die je onder begeleiding van vakspecialisten uitvoert. De beschikbare rollen zijn o.a.; Webanalist Reporting/PowerBI specialist Tester / test-coördinator Projectmanager Functioneel analist PMO
Ben jij geïnteresseerd in digital marketing en wil je jouw vaardigheden op dit gebied verbeteren? Dan hebben wij de perfecte training week voor jou in de zomer van 2023!
Display, social, content, and search advertising is a piece of cake for the participants in the campaign management traineeship. They become specialists in online marketing campaigns and we ensure that they are in control at any time and can set up, optimize and evaluate campaigns in SEA, social and programmatic advertising.
In a 6-month program, the intricacies and breadth of the online marketing profession are taught. Widely trained and therefore versatile. From Google Analytics to SEO, from social content to CX. Participants in this traineeship are specialized in reaching customers and improving effective visibility.
The Marketplaces traineeship is one of Digiship's most specific traineeships. In addition to specific attention to retail media and national and international marketplaces, candidates are broadly trained about social, search and programmatic advertising. A campaign manager with knowledge of supply chain, pricing and distribution, so that they play a valuable role in several layers of the organization.

More information?

Would you like to know more about the talentship and the application procedure? Fill in the the contact form or call Martijn van de Mortel06-17408219).
We are happy to explain how we can help you further strengthen your digital marketing team.